OBM-V Automatic Wet Paint Systems with Vertical Spindles

Published Date 11/07/2024

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Small sized metal, plastic or glass products with a large number of production in many sectors such as automotive, glass, white goods, aerospace, furniture, construction, defense industry; OBM-V automatic wet paint machines with vertical spindles can be used for coating with wet paint for both corrosion and aesthetic purposes. In addition, vertical spindle OBM-V automatic wet paint machines with vertical spindles are very suitable for the bonding application known by the product names of Chemosil, Chemlok, Megum, which enables the bonding of rubber and metal.

The biggest advantage of vertical spindle OBM-V automatic wet paint machines; Thanks to its compact structure, it can be installed in small areas, it provides an increase in capacity by mounting more than one piece on the spindle, thus reducing investment and operating costs. It is also user-friendly thanks to a single point of loading and unloading.

Depending on the shape, structure, capacity and quality expectation of the product, Elsisan’s experienced and expert engineer staff designs and manufactures vertical spindle
OBM-V automatic wet paint machines in different versions. In accordance with the process, the sections of the machine in its simplest form; It consists of pretreatment, preheating
for some applications, two or more wet paint booths, flash off and oven. Pretreatment; can be done by deionization, flaming, plasma, washing with water or CO2 – snow blasting cleaning.

The working principle is; the products to be painted are attached to the apparatus on the discs. The apparatus comes to the cabin where the paint application is made with the movement of the conveyor. Apparatus; when it comes to the front of the cabin, the conveyor stops and the part starts to rotate around itself. Thus, a homogeneous
application is ensured. While the part is rotating, paint is applied for the set time thanks to the vertically moving robot and the guns attached to the robot. When the painting time is over, the gun stops spraying paint and the piece moves one step. Optionally, an interior spray gun can be added to the OKM-V machine to paint only the inner surfaces of the parts.

automatic spray painting machine spindle type

In vertical spindle OBM-V automatic wet paint machines; The cabins where paint is applied can be produced with paper filters or water curtains. In paper filter cabinets, paint particles, called over-spray, that do not stick to the part, are caught in the paper filter. With the developing technology, filters with very high paint holding capacity can be produced. Over-spray in water curtain cabins; caught in the water curtain and lowered into the pool, but floating in the air and not touching the water curtain; Thanks to the exhaust fan, it is moved towards the spray nozzles and air separators located behind the water curtain.

Over-spray that cannot be caught in the water curtain; captured in nozzles and separators. In this way, paint particles are not thrown out of the chimney, but also a clean environment
is provided in the cabin, and a suitable environment is provided in terms of employee and workplace safety. For work safety, it is recommended that all products used in the cabin are ATEX products. Curing after paint application can be done with conventional or infrared ovens. In conventional furnaces, the heated air is circulated in the heating unit, which works with resistance or gas, and the furnace reaches the desired temperature. Infrared ovens; Thanks to their high efficiency compared to convection ovens, they facilitate heat transfer to the part and thus reduce the size of the oven. There are gas and electric infrared varieties. A furnace design suitable for the desired process is created by designing according to the part structure.

glass painting spray booth

UV drying oven can be added to the system for drying high-strength UV paints, which are especially preferred for outdoor parts exposed to sun and rain. UV paints are resistant to scratches and abrasion, the paint does not easily lose it’s flexibility and does not change color.

The electrical panel of the facility is completely PLC controlled. In this way, all moving parts are controlled and air flows, filter impurities and humidity values are constantly
controlled and recorded. The speed of all moving elements in the machine can be adjusted. For example, the rotation speeds of the part and the conveyor can be adjusted. When
there is any malfunction in the system; the system stops, gives fault signals and the possible fault reason is written on the operator panel screen. Different recipes can be prepared and stored in memory for each different part, thus avoiding time loss and errors.

As Elsisan, we have many application experiences and references in wet paint solutions in Turkey and abroad. At this point, we know how important it is for our customers to
have the most accurate solution and a machine they can trust for many years. You can contact us for detailed information and offer requests.

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