Human Resources


On the way to becoming a world brand; The main objective of our human resources approach is to provide equal opportunity among all our employees by improving the motivation of our employees. As Elsisan, believing that our employees are the biggest source of our goals; creating systems that support our vision and mission; We strive to improve, enrich and facilitate business life. While creating the Human Resources Policy, the Company aims to acquire highly motivated and innovative employees who are responsible for their sub-brands, sensitive to employees and respectful to all stakeholders with whom they communicate, as well as creating high value in corporate loyalty within the framework of Elsisan values ​​and culture.


• Establishing and implementing the system for determining, selecting and hiring the human resources that will enable our activities to be carried out effectively and efficiently,

• Designing, implementing and evaluating all training programs from the bottom to the top position by putting training at the center of our development,

• Developing a performance management system that will enable our employees to see the results of their own work and evaluate the results of their individual success,

• To meet the social and cultural needs of our employees and to ensure the formation of "Corporate Culture and Awareness",

• Expanding the sustainability approach that will determine the environmental and socio-economic dimensions of the targets in order to create value in the long term, rather than focusing solely on short-term solutions when planning our strategies,

• In our Occupational Health and Safety activities; to develop systems to prevent work accidents by respecting human and environment by focusing on providing occupational health and safety and protecting our natural environment. You can follow our open positions at Linkedin and and send your CV to