Fully Automatic Machines- OKM-P

It’s a belt conveyored chemosil application machine. The most important features are being able to load and unload at the same point and due to realizing the curing process on the second layer conveyor under the main one, it completes the process in the oven in a rather small line compared to conventional facilities. According to the process, they can be consist of several booths as primer and seconder.

The materials to be painted arrange to a tray located on the horizontal conveyor. The conveyor moves with continuously adjustable speed. If the cleaning process will be done the materials go to the room in which flame treatment, antistatic and air cleaning applications are done. Then the application is made in the application room by the linear moving robot. After that respectively, flash-off, secondary application and drying processes are done. Drying is continued at the lower part of the conveyor, which is the return part of it. The dried materials come to the loading-unloading part, and unloading is done.