Liquid Paint Dip Coating

The advantages of such lines are having a small footprint, full penetration of the material with the chemical and low investment costs.

These are applications for coating the material to be painted by dipping it into a container or tank filled with a viscosity adjusted liquid paint. Possible problems such as flow, collapse, foam formation, and inability to provide homogeneous thickness that can be encountered in dipping applications can be prevented by having a high control over the application variables. For this purpose, dipping tanks should be kept at a constant temperature, and mixing should be ensured so that there is constant movement on the ground and surface.

In the usual liquid paint dip coating applications, the conveyor line moves continuously and the slope is made inward to the tank. The materials hanging on the conveyor dive into the paint with the fall-rise ramp on the conveyor. Materials coming out of dipping will continue dripping until they enter the drying oven. Drip pans should be placed under the conveyor line.

In the last dipping application made by Elsisan, conveyor moves step by step, there is no fall-rise ramp and the application is made with the help of up and down moving tank. Therefore dipping times can be adjusted as desired, waiting time for drip after dipping can be adjusted. Investment cost due to smaller volume, maintenance cost during operation, paint cost due to no drip during conveyor movement, motors, and heating-cooling system energy cost because of smaller kw, are very low. It can be installed in smaller areas compared to conventional dipping lines, thus saving space.