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1) The entire content of www.elsisan.com, texts, graphics, logos, pictures, photographs, figures, technical and scientific drawings, audio clips, animation, video and music records, software, program codes; exterior appearance, design, system and technical elements; entire content on editing and montage basis; industrial designs, including, but not limited to, any works of art based on the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works belongs to Elsisan (hereinafter referred to as “Elsisan”) and is protected by Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, any legislation which may enter into force and international copyright and trademark laws and international conventions. Herewith, above-mentioned site contents may not be used in whole or in part, directly or indirectly without the written permission of Elsisan and without any written permission shall not be quoted, copied, duplicated, modified, stored, transferred to another pc, mailed, distributed, transferred, republished, displayed, processed, represented, kept for commercial purposes, sold or encouraged for the above mentioned acts and facilitating the execution of these actions is prohibited. Printed site pages can be obtained for personal use.


2) Elsisan declares that all kinds of prices, information, pictures, standard, optional, explanations and news of Elsisan brand machines and vehicles as well as the recommended sales prices on the website are for promotion and information purposes only and are valid as of the last update time of the website and that these prices do not constitute a sales offer and do not create any warranty and/or commitment to the information contained on the site. The Site user agrees that he/she will in no way claim any damage from Elsisan under any name, declaring that the information on the website is not accurate and/or he/she has been directly or indirectly damaged in the light of this information. Elsisan reserves the right to change, delete or cancel site-related rules and information without prior notice. The obligation to observe these changes belongs to the site user and the site user is recommended to contact Elsisan at +90 (224) 241 30 90 and elsisan@elsisan.com for up-to-date information.


3) Elsisan may collect the personal information of the user directly or indirectly if the user provides the information requested by Elsisan through the "contact form" in the contact section of the website. Elsisan accepts to keep confidential the personal information provided through the contact form and not to transfer it to a third party. Elsisan will use this information to respond to the requests of users and to inform users about Elsisan products and to reach out to users. In addition, Elsisan may transfer this information to other international corporate groups and authorized dealers within its own territory for the same purpose. In the event the authorities request information due to investigation of the user and/or if Elsisan determines any electronic sabotage or attack that would prevent the operation of Elsisan systems and/or alter its functioning, Elsisan will notify the authorities for user ID determination and legal action.


4) "Website Terms of Use" governs the provisions concerning the information and services provided by Elsisan to its users. Any user entering the Elsisan website or completing the forms on the site shall be considered to have read and accepted the information described in the “Terms of Use”.


5) In disputes that may arise between Elsisan and the users of the site, electronic records of Elsisan will be accepted as evidence. Bursa courts and Enforcement offices will be authorized in solving any conflicts which may occur between the parties and the laws of the Republic of Turkey shall apply.