Powder Coating Lines

Powder coating lines, which are consist of pretreatment, drying oven, powder coating booth and curing ovens, are designed depending on the needs of customers.

Powder coating lines are used to coat metal materials by powder paint. The materials placed on the conveyor line are first passed through the surface treatment washing line to be cleaned from oil, dirt, and rust. This line is designed to be used for iron phosphate, zinc phosphate, nanotechnology or only lubrication chemicals according to the quality expectation. Prepared materials in the surface treatment facility, are dried in the drying oven and made ready for powder coating application. The parts entering the powder coating booth on the conveyor line are painted by a robot or manual powder coating gun. Afterward, they are transferred to the oven which has set for necessary heat and time for powder curing. After the curing process is completed, the parts are discharged from the conveyor in the discharge section after cooling.

1. Loading Area: It is the section where the parts coming from the welding line are loaded on the conveyor line for painting.

2. Chemical Cleaning Line: The parts coming from the loading line enter the washing line, which is the first process, the washing line is sorted as lubrication, rinsing, iron phosphate, rinsing, rinsing in this example project.

3. Drying Oven: The parts washed in the chemical cleaning line enter the drying oven, the oven temperature is set between 100°C and 120°C, the part surface is made completely dry for the powder coating process.

4. Powder Paint Booth: The parts coming out of the drying oven and cooling in the cooling zone enter the paint booth, where a manual or robotic application can be done. The booth is a type of floor sweep model called SPK. The powder paint poured on the floor during the application is swept by an automatic moving magnetic sweeper unit and transferred to sieve storage.

5. Worker lifting platform: If the painting process in the cabin is high positioned, and manual application is made, reaching the upper points could be difficult for the worker. In order to easier the application, a worker lifting platform has been placed. While the upper parts are painted, the worker can reach the desired height by pressing a button.

6. Powder- Applied Parts: The parts coming out of the booth proceed to the powder coating curing oven with the conveyor.

7. Powder Coating Curing Oven: Powder applied parts are transferred to the oven at an average temperature of 200°C (depending on paint feature). About 20 minutes of baking is made and cured parts are removed from the oven.

8. Cooling Zone: The parts removed from the oven must be cooled in order to unload safely by the worker and reaching better surface quality. For this purpose, the parts removed from the oven are circulated on the conveyor for a while until cooling is provided.

9. Unloading Zone