Liquid Paint Sludge Seperator Systems - BCA Series


Paint sludge separator system can be connected to all water curtain and water pass cabinets. It is made of stainless steel and maintenance is only done once a year. It is suitable for all paints such as water based, solvent based and varnish. Its biggest advantage is that it automatically separates the paint sludge, extends the life of the paint booth and ensures that the water in the booth is constantly clean, eliminating the need for extra maintenance for the booth and improving the paint quality of the painted parts.

How it works: Paint Sludge Separator Unit is connected to Paint Machine with one pump. There is also a float system in the Paint Machine. With the help of the pump, the paint-water mixture sucked from the buoy in the Paint Machine is dosed with chemical and sent to the Paint Sludge Separator system. The sludge in the paint-water mixture is floated on the water with the help of the chemical. The water that is free from the paint particles in the existing Paint Sludge Separator Machine is sent back to the Paint Machine with attraction.