Dip Tank Pre-Treatment Lines

In Dip Tank Lines parts are loaded inside baskets and treated by dipping them inside each process tank for prefixed period of time.

Ironphosphate and Zincophosphate surface treatment processes can be done in dipping lines. Materials are loaded into the material basket in the loading section. Select the appropriate program from the panel and press the start button. Carrier robot takes the basket in the loading area and places it in the first process tank. Baskets are waited inside treatment baths until the processing time is complete. When the process time is over, the robot automatically takes the basket and places it in the next process tank. Drying tank is the last tank to accelerate the drying of the materials coming out of the bath. When the drying tank time is up, the robot automatically leaves the basket in the unloading section. The parts are discharged from the basket or drum from the discharge zone.


  • Area coverage with immersion application.
  • Stainless inner surfaces and insulated tanks.
  • Stainless steel pipe structure.
  • Maintenance-free conveyor with servo motor.
  • Custom programming for required process
  • Management from the control panel


  • Filtering units
  • Deonized water treatment units
  • Ultrasonic cleaning units
  • Automatic dosing unit
  • Tank heating with heat transfer oil
  • Measuring the water quality in the rinse tank
  • System startup and shutdown timing
  • When necessary part baskets can be moved rotationally and vertically to increase chemical intereaction with the parts.