Batch - Box Type Oven

Box type ovens are divided into two categories as with electricity or natural gas, depending on the heat energy they use. They are dimensioned as desired usage conditions and determined their capacities.  There can be different sized and functioning temperature box type ovens according to the paint TDS and dimensions of the material to be dried. It can be single or double doors due to their layout. If desired, entrance and exit could be from the different sides of the oven.  As well as with digital thermostat and digital timer, ovens with PLC control SCADA system can be constructed for more advanced and precise works. The materials are placed in the oven by a transport trolley. For that, wheel gaps should be made on the floor for the transport trolley wheels. Waste gasses formed inside are exhausted through forced or exhaust fan according to the TDS of paint.

Projects Using This Product
Metal Industry - Aluminum Aging Ovens
Aviation Industry - Drying oven for aerospace composite parts