Liquid Paint Application Lines

Materials manufactured in various sectors such as automotive, furniture, construction are painted by wet paint for both to prevent corrosion, and aesthetic appearance. Wet paint plants are designed and applied in different versions according to production capacity and quality expectations. The facility, which consists of conveyor system, wet paint application booth and drying oven in its simplest form, is made suitable for the process conditions by adding 2 or more booths according to the process conditions like conditioning the fresh air of the booths or adding pre-treatment booths (flamage - antistatic).


Liquid Painting Line for Plastic Parts - Plant Video Tour


Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology:

Ventilation systems are indispensable for paint plants. Both the filtering of exhaust air and the filtration and conditioning of fresh air are very important for paint processes. Firstly, conditioned air in terms of paint quality and human health must be in suitable conditions. Therefore, the outdoor air, especially used in fresh air feeds, is passed through several filters, moisture is added if humidity is desired, it is heated or cooled according to the weather conditions, so it is transmitted to the application area, so that the quality of the paint does not change in every period, and a comfortable area is provided for the employee. In this way, the dust problem, which is the biggest one of the paint booths, is solved.