FPI Penetrant Plants

FPI lines are lines in which surface defects that can affect the strength and quality of parts are examined without damaging the material with fluorescent paint application. The lines used mainly in the aviation, defense, automotive and energy sectors are designed depending on the size of the part to be controlled. Elsisan FPI lines consist of washing, rinsing, transfer stations, drying, powder developer coating and UV Control cabinets and designed according to the customer's requests.

Firstly, the surface of the part to be checked in FPI lines must be free from dirt oil and burrs. For this, the surface is made smooth and clean with the washing machine before the inspection, and the material is started to be applied in dry state using the drying feature of the washing machine. There is a liquid panetrant gun and a clean water gun in the panetrant application cabinet, after the liquid panetrant is applied on the material, it must be washed with clean water, harmful vapors and gases emitted during liquid panetran application are discharged to the outside by means of exhaust fan and filters. After this process, the developer application is started, for this, the material must be dried, for this purpose, a drying oven is added to the continuation of the cabin, a powder developer gun is applied on the dried material, the dust flying in the environment in this cabin is kept in the filters in order not to harm the personnel. Excess devoleper on the material is cleaned with an air gun, so if there is a crack, the powder devoleper is allowed to penetrate there, then it is controlled under the purple light in the dark control room.