Powder Coating

Powder coating applications provide an attractive alternative to conventional paint processes thanks to its solvent-free structure and features of surface quality, durability, paint recovery capability, environmental sensitivity, and economy. Powder coating applications, which are completely dry coating system, is a painting method based on the principle that the powder particles cover the metal surface under the magnet effect as a result of loading the metals and powder particles with a different electrical charge in a magnetic environment. After the application, the coating process is completed by curing the polymer powders in the oven. Over-sprayed paint can be collected by the paint recovery system in the booth and be used again for providing economic advantage.

Since there is no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in it, electrostatic powder coating is also an environmentally friendly process. Therefore, besides providing environmental protection, it provides potential savings in waste management, chimney and duct cleaning, storage, and worker health compared to similar solvent-based paint applications.