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The natural gas combined cycle power plant established to meet the energy needs of the factories operating in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone continues to generate electricity with an installed capacity of 250 MW. We met with Elsisan Chairman Abdullah Bayrak to discuss the amount of electricity consumed by the Elsisan factory and the energy efficiency they apply. Bayrak, who is the Chairman of BOSIAD and a member of BOSEN Energy, said that energy efficiency and the environment are the most important issues on the agenda of the industrialists, and that they are a new power plant project related to wind energy.

Elsisan Has Targeted Second Plant Investment
Founded in 1979, Elsisan carries out important works in its sector with its projects in the field of construction machinery and contracting. The brand, which continues its production activities in an area of ​​10,000 square meters in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, aims to increase its capacity by investing in its second factory in the new period.

Elsisan, which has been manufacturing machinery since 1979 in Bursa, provides added value to the projects it serves with its innovative vision and developed products. The brand, which is preparing to invest in its second factory in the new period, plans to carry out all storage, shipment and assembly works in its factory located in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone. We spoke to Abdullah Bayrak, Chairman of the Board of Elsisan, who assumed the duties of Chairman of BOSİAD and Board Member of BOSEN Energy, as well as the new period goals of the brand and the energy needs of the organized industrial zone.

Could you tell us about the establishment and the point of Elsisan brand?
Founded in 1979 as YI-BA Engineering, Elsisan meets paint in 1986 and Elsisan Boya Makine ve Tesisleri İmalat Tic. Ltd. Sti. and started to design and manufacture paint facilities. Elsisan’s capacity in the world conjuncture is getting stronger and its capacity, growth and change in its capital are increasing in proportion to the size of its share in the world market. As for 2013, Elsisan Makine San. Tic. Inc. and continues its path as a joint stock company. Today, Elsisan, which produces at its facilities with a closed area of ​​10,000 m2 in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, is establishing turnkey industrial paint plants as the sole contractor.

How do you describe your activities?

As Elsisan, we gather our business in two main groups. The first one is building facilities for overseas projects and the other one is building construction machinery. With more than 200 employees, we carry out projects around the world such as North America, China and Europe.

How much space does your production take place? Can you tell us about your production line?

Elsisan continues its production activities on a closed area of ​​10 thousand square meters. Within this structure, we perform both machine and contracting works smoothly. While undertaking up to four projects per year in the field of contracting, this figure can change in the field of machinery. Our projects mainly address the automotive and glass industry. We also develop projects within the scope of confidentiality agreement for companies operating in defense industry.

Where do you obtain raw materials?

We supply raw material from OEM main source. Our domesticity rate is 84 percent and we have the certificate of domestic goods. We provide all the raw materials from domestic producers will be found primarily in Turkey. We take the rest from various countries.

What are the main features of your products?
Elsisan's laser cutting machines, 5-axis welding robots, CNC lathes and machining centers, wet paint, powder coating, sandblasting features in itself, equipped with advanced technology production facility, international quality standards, average 7 advanced technology and added value per day The machine can be produced. ELS Lift, with its dealerships in Germany, France, Russia and Croatia, meets 60% of its annual production. It exports to more than 20 countries, including Switzerland, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia.

With its wide range of products, ELS Lift serves many different sectors; In the lift groups of light personnel scissors, cordless scissors, cordless articulated, vertical personnel lifts with various features with an access height of 5 meters up to 18 meters; Turkey and the world in personnel lifting and transmission platform operators 'preferred' brand.

In addition, ELS Lift; offers innovative products to the general and heavy construction, mining and industrial, textile, steel, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramics, wood industry, automotive, plastics, food and energy sectors. ELS Lift is also the main supplier for public projects.

ELS Lift; In addition to its fast, flexible and comprehensive sales and after sales support services, the company provides a wide range of products to its customers all over the world thanks to its multidisciplinary support, such as training and financial opportunities for a wide range of products. solution.

In line with its R & D and innovation policy, ELS Lift follows the technological developments of the age closely and has ISO 9001 quality certificate, CE certificate, complies with TS EN280 standards, and offers competitive product designs to the international market. shows.

Do you have any energy efficiency studies in your factory?

Energy efficiency and the environment are among the most important issues on the agenda of the industry. I'm also a member of the Board of BOSEN Energy and I'm interested in these issues. We have a power plant in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone and generate energy from natural gas. I can tell you that you have good and bad news on this. Good news; will be a project to build a new wind power plant. On the other hand, due to the rise in natural gas prices, the CCPP plants are in a difficult situation. When natural gas power plants do not produce, I think there may be a certain energy deficit. Energy prices need to be increased, which may put the industrialist in a difficult position. When you look at the international value appears to be low energy prices in Turkey. But we calculated low energy according to costs. It is expected that it will increase within the scope of the inflation values ​​that we will experience in the future.

Where is the natural gas combined cycle power plant? Is the electricity generated here distributed to the entire OIZ?

The aim of the plant was to provide uninterrupted energy use of the Organized Industrial Zone. This power plant, with an installed capacity of 250 MW, generates electricity in certain periods. The decision on this issue is made in relation to natural gas prices.

Does Elsisan have an energy efficiency application for its own factory?

A cluster was established in the Organized Industrial Zone and agreements were made with companies that would provide energy efficiency within the scope of the installation. These companies provide consultancy services to industrialists and realize energy efficiency projects. We Elsisan did not want to receive such a service. .Because the sector in which we operate does not require us to consume much energy like other sectors. To take down electricity bills; we calculate the efficiency of both production and electricity consumption when buying a machine.

How many storage areas does your factory have? Can you tell us about your physical characteristics?
In our factory we have two different warehouses, raw material and finished product. Although there is no serious restructuring in the raw material warehouse, we gather all the components and equipment we need here. Our production is made with ‘just in time’ method and after-sales support is provided within 1 day as per our after-sales service policy. Since the machines manufactured in this section are manufactured on an area of ​​2500 square meters and disassembled, it is not possible to see a finished product as a whole.

Can you give us information about the physical structure of the shipping warehouse? What kind of solutions do you provide about automation?

We are working on Industry 4.0 and think that we need to switch to automation solutions faster. In particular, we redesign some of our models to suit automation. We are trying to turn jobs that require intensive labor into machine production. In this way, both product quality increases and costs are reduced. Although the initial investment cost increases, it gives us an advantage in the long run.

Do you use industrial robots in your production line?

There are two different robotic welding lines in our production line. In addition, there are robotic solutions in all the lines we have established for contracting projects. Together with the customers, we decide which brand robots will take place.

How many years have you been manufacturing robots?

We have been applying the robot welding process in our own production lines for 5 years. In the last 10 years, we have been producing robot plants in our paint facilities. With Industry 4.0, companies made a faster transition to robotics. We expect the demand to increase in the future.

Do you have a new investment plan in the coming period?

We plan to make new investments in our robotic production lines.

Are there solutions you have developed to speed up the shipping process and minimize problems?

Are there partner companies you talk to? We don't have any problems with the shipment issue because it doesn't ship every day and it's going very well planned. However, we receive consultancy support periodically and improve ourselves in automation.