BOSIAD Environmental Awards Winners

Business people from Bursa came to the clean environment after vocational training. Industrialists from BOSİAD, who took the “rap için clip for vocational training, took part in the“ rock ”clip and gave the message sanayi environmentally sensitive industry”. Bursa OSB and BOSİAD'ın Environmentally Responsible Industrial Plant Competition, the winners of the winners, "clean environment and clean production" was prepared to draw attention to the clip attracted great interest.

Bursa Organized Industrial Zone and Bursa Organized Industrial Zone Industrialists and Business People Association (BOSİAD), "Environmentally Friendly Production, Clean Future" slogan organized this year, the 4th winner of the Environment-Sensitive Industrial Plant Competition was announced. Podium Invitation was held before the traditional iftar dinner award night was stamped by the clip prepared by BOSİAD. To the award ceremony of the Environmentally Friendly Industrial Plant Competition; Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, CHP Bursa Deputy Professor. Dr. Lale Karabıyık, Rector of Bursa Uludağ University Dr. A. Saim Guide, Mayor of Nilüfer Turgay Erdem, BTSO Parliament Speaker Ali Uğur executives of public institutions and non-governmental organizations, business representatives and many guests attended.

Çağan: Our goal is to raise awareness on environmental production
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the award ceremony, BOSİAD President Rasim Çağan said, “Although this is a competition, there is no loser and the winner will be Bursa. Our aim is to support environmental production and increase this awareness. This is much more important for us, especially as an organized industrial zone in the city. As BOSİAD, there are two projects that we attach great importance to in this period. One of them is the project to encourage vocational education. We have come a long way in this regard and Atatürk Industrial Vocational High School within the boundaries of our industrial region have assumed responsibility. Our aim here is to educate students and teachers and improve the infrastructure of the school. We used the universal language of music to make this project public. From the same point, we wanted to prepare another clip for our second project environment çevre. Bursa OSB President Hüseyin Durmaz also congratulated all the Islamic world on the Ramadan Feast and congratulated the successful and award winning companies.

Uğur: I congratulate our exemplary industrialists
Ali Uğur, Chairman of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, emphasized that industrialization should be developed with approaches that do not neglect the environment, but that value the environment.

Congratulations from Governor Canbolat to BOSIAD
Governor Yakup Canbolat congratulated BOSİAD on the way to draw attention to the fact that it is possible to produce without consuming the environment and regular industrial zones have achieved this, because of their sensitivity to the environment. The contest, where online applications and evaluations were made with a sustainable environmentalist approach, was organized among the Bursa OIZ companies in 3 categories: Plants with High Pollutant Impacts, Plants with Pollutant Impacts and Facilities with Permission-License Exemption. Incentive awards were given in the same categories.

Plaque of Appreciation to Elsisan Makine
A plaque of appreciation was presented to Büşra Örs, the Corporate Communication Specialist of Elsisan Makine, a company operating in Bursa and one of the companies participating in the competition, and the plaques were delivered to the jury by valuable names.

Rudolf Duraner won the first place in the category of Tesis Facilities with High Pollutant Impact on the Environment, and the first Tredin Auto Equipment category in the ‘Pollutant Impact Facilities ye category and the first Çelikform Gestamp in the‘ Facilities with Permission-License Exemption ’category. Environmental incentive awards; in the same categories, respectively, Korteks Mensucat'a, Magneti Marelli and Borusan Mannesmann. During the night, jury members and companies participating in the competition were given a plaque of appreciation. After the award ceremony, the traditional iftar program of Bursa OSB and BOSİAD was realized.