Spray Paint Line for Glasses

The glass products to be painted are loaded by the element to the conveyor, which flows at a speed of 2.5m / min from the loading area, the product is cleaned from the fans that are statically attached to the surface while it passes in front of the antistatic cleaning unit and becomes ready for painting. If 2 separate guns are to be partially painted for painting, the guns connected to the robot are positioned and the painting process is done. 1.There are 4 pistols connected to the robot. It paints 4 parts at the same time and turns to the top. If complete painting will be made, the 2nd robot is activated, 2 robots have an electrostatic bell gun, the entire surface of the product is painted homogeneously with this robot and gun.

The cabin where the paint applications are made is a water curtain cabin, at the same time, it is in a positive pressure room isolated from the external environment. In this way, dust entry into the cabin is prevented. Paint applied products enter the flash-off section here for about 10 minutes.

The conveyor travels around until the furnace rests before entering the furnace section. Unlike conventional ovens, infrared heaters are used in this machine. Therefore, the oven time was shortened by 1/3. The cooking time, which is 20-25 minutes in the classical fan-blown ovens, has decreased to 6-8 minutes. Conventional ovens use fans for heat dissipation. Dust circulation also occurs inside the fan with fan circulation. In the infrared oven, since there is no air circulation, paint is provided in a dust-free environment. The products coming out of the oven pass to the cooling section and then they are discharged and packaged from the discharge station. The entire machine is PLC and computer controlled. Each product receipt can be saved and various reports can be taken.


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