Fully Automatic Machines - OKM-V

These are the machines used for the chemosil application of vibration-damping wedges and similar materials produced in the rubber industry. As known, chemosil application is applied in two layers as primer and seconder. In our OKM-V machine, the application is made to materials lined up on the apparatus by vertically moving robots and the guns installed to them. Since the materials coming from the preheating are hot, it provides fast drying. After a short time, the seconder application is done. So that two coats are applied at a time and the process is completed by being dried.

The materials are placed on the machine by attaching to the apparatus on the hangers in the loading area. After the material passes through the preheating oven through step by step conveyor it reaches to the adhesive blooth. The gray color application will be applied to the turning material by using paint guns.

By blowing hot air on the materials, the drying of the gray adhesive will be accelerated and they will move to the black color application station. After black color application, materials move to drying oven and be ensured of drying of adhesive. Then the materials are unloaded in the unloading zone. The waste gas formed during the application is exhausted from the waste gas chimney by the fan on the booths.

The whole system controlled by PLC. Speed adjustment on every element on the machine is possible. For example, the speed of the material and conveyor can be adjusted. When a malfunction occurs in the system, it stops, gives fault signals and displays the possible cause of failure on the operator's panel display.