Powder Coating Booths with Cyclone

In Powder Coating Booths with Cyclone, cyclone unit separates the particles which don't attach on to parts and sends them back to booth for re-use.

Monocyclone powder coating booth consists of three parts, these are, paint application booth, mono cyclone unit, and filter fan cell. Booth and cyclone unit will be made of galvanized sheet. The paint application booth is equipped with necessary lighting. Mono cyclone unit works as coupled to the paint booth and powder paint that does not stick on the workpiece is separated from the air and kept. The powder paint particulates, which are not suitable to used as recycling paint by means of size, are kept in the third section of the filter ventilator and the paint suspended in the air is separated from the air. In case of color change, it is sufficient to clean the cabin and cyclones without a filter change.