Powder Coating Booths with Floor Cleaning System

The most practical and user friendly model of the powder coating system is the filtered automatic sweeping recycled powder coating system. In this system, powder particulates do not crumble and the quality of the surface appearance of the paint in the re-use does not deteriorate. The body part of the powder coating booth is made of 1,5 mm galvanized sheet covered by electrostatic powder paint, and the base is made of 2mm 304 quality stainless sheet. The chain rotated by propulsion motor at the base, and the magnet group connected to it, enable the brush to automatically sweep the powder particulates in certain periods, and discharge them into the sieve. While the sweeper discharging the collected powder into the sieve, the vibration motor starts operating the sieve system. Working time of the sieve and sweeper will be adjustable.

Directing the powder particulates horizontally by the suction air provides the most suitable covering application to the grounded material to be painted. The time required for color changing is much shorter than other systems. In the case of powder paint filters and tank are ready, cleaning can be done in a short time. It must be ensured that the air used in the system is clean, dry and free from oil. Motors used in the booth are protected by thermal relay.

The sieve tank used in the system is replaced by pneumatic cylinders. The sieve can be easily moved from under the cabin using wheels. The advantage of this system compared to other booth systems is that the recycling of the paint is done without the need for manpower and stopping the system.