Fully Automatic Machines- OKM-D

Dipping-type coating methods are provided by OKM-D series. Especially for intricate surface parts with the help of this process whole surface are able to coat. OKM-D series is designed for fast and compact applications to apply chemosil application. Pre-heating and curing ovens in the line accelerate the application process. Also, with the help of paint tank’s up-down movements paint consumption is kept low compared to similar applications.

* The parts which are hung onto hawai conveyor from the loading area enter the pre-heating oven.
* The parts which are heated to determined temperature first dip into the primer tank and then wait for dripping
* From here parts enter to drying oven and move in the oven at a detemined temperature.
* In the continuation, parts dip into the tank again for seconder application.
* Next, after the drying process parts come to the unloading area, and the whole peocess is comleted.